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a March of things to say - i've got the world on a string; [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
jessie godzilla

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a March of things to say [Mar. 4th, 2008|08:16 am]
jessie godzilla
THANK YOU to everybody for the greetings! even people who i least expected had the effort to text something. haha. you know who you are.

i am old now. i can now "legally" buy alcohol in the united states, play the slot machines, sit in the poker table at the casino's and even play a hand
. i might actually do those things, not because i want to but just because I CAN. the thought of those things makes me happy i'm 21.

but now i guess i can say goodbye to my youth. my innocence. my lack of responsibility... haha! i can't use the excuse of knowing only a few things to get away from stuff.. because
compared from who i was a year ago, i know more things. i should stop pretending im still curious, but i'm actually not. i just want to amuse myself at how people take my curiosity. from now on, i shall now pretend to know things instead of not knowing them. i like being smarter than others...

of course, the above statements in the 2nd paragraph are completely false. hahahaha. i will never say goodbye to my youth, my innocence and i like the fact that i am irresponsible. it makes me less of an "authority" to do anything. i like being just another somebody. haha. and my curiosity is one thing i will never give up. 21 years and still i feel like i know less and less of the things around me everyday. there are still so many things i want to know! haha.

yes, i shall TRY to be more of an "adult" now. but don't blame me if i can't perform my tasks well... just look at the mess hanging in my room. if i want to start trying now, i should know that any second now, the shelf that holds those hangings is on the verge of falling apart, and if i am adult enough, i should right now remove those hangings and place them somewhere else. but the child in me is telling me to just wait until it breaks then make a move.

haha. now, i share pictures:

weee. i now have a tumbler! <3

a coffee mug from krystel. thanks tel2x!


say Hi to TACO! thanks auntie stell and uncle dan. <3

p.s. - a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my soul mate, RONAN KEATING.